Camps would not be the same without our volunteer coaches. When coaches volunteer their time at camp, this seemingly small act creates a huge step forward in establishing trust in the campers’ lives, since they are viewed as the first adult who isn’t paid to be around them.

Coaching at an FHFTC camp can be challenging and powerful. Because of the sensitive nature of these teen’s lives, all coaches must go through extensive training.  This ensures a better experience for both the coaches and the campers – which is supported by our 90% return rate for volunteers.

To make sure camp runs smoothly the Support Staff takes care of all of the behind-the-scenes work. This can include setting up activities, cleaning up, helping in the kitchen, or any other task that can help camp continue to run seamlessly. Although a Support Staff Volunteer may not get as much time with the campers as the coaches do, there are plenty of opportunities to spend time with the campers.

Each camp requires 40-50 volunteers. As we strive to grow the number of camps each summer, that means we need to recruit more volunteers. The Great Adventure Camp volunteers must be at least 21 years old and 24 years old for CrossRoads. All volunteers must be committed and patient.

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