Homes of Hope Information


Eligibility for Homes of Hope (HOH) is determined by a face-to-face meeting with the aging out teen and the Co-Directors of Homes of Hope. It is Homes of Hope’s goal to make sure the program is a good fit for all involved.

An intern at Homes of Hope will be furthering or finishing their education and/or finding and working a job in the Manhattan, KS area.  HOH will help the intern with resumes and job interview skills and be supportive in that process.  It is HOH’s desire to help these interns become valuable employees to our communities.

Each intern will also be enrolled in the Independent Living Program to receive funds/assistance for rent/utilities/college/living, etc. This service through the State of Kansas is a huge help to these teens during this transition time and can continue to help them when they leave the HOH program.

The intern’s apartments are private or semi-private. An intern may have up to one roommate.  Interns will share a common living room area, dining room area and kitchen.

Each intern will be visited with on different Life Skills that they may need some help in developing.  Our Life Skills Program consists of 8 Life Skills – School, Job Skills, Finances, Social Skills, Personal Hygiene, Housekeeping, Cooking, Minor Maintenance.  Each intern will have their own individualized HOH Life Skill program that is just for them.  That way each intern receives the necessary skills they need to become productive citizens of our society.

The Homes of Hope program is 6 months – 1 year, depending on each intern’s needs.  When an intern is ready to be out on their own, HOH will provide assistance and support up to, during and after that transition.  It is one of Homes of Hope’s goals to be a part of an intern’s life indefinitely!