Ages / 12-15

Girl's Camp / June 2-4, 2023 / July 7-9, 2023
Boy's Camp / June 23-25, 2023/ July 14-16, 2023

The Great Adventure Camp Checklist for Campers

or TGAC, works to meet the needs of foster youth ages 12 – 15 years old in the Kansas foster care systems that have been abused, abandoned and neglected.

The goal of TGAC is to give these kids hope and help them build confidence in themselves so that they are able to break away from the cycles they have lived in. We want to give them hope for their futures – which are bright!

Camp Experience

TGAC is a three-day camp designed to inspire confidence and trust as well as encourage team building. Campers experience everything summer camp has to offer: swimming, hiking and s’mores around a campfire; food, food and more delicious camp food; and evenings out in the quiet of a technology-free campground.  

Each camp is gender specific (one camp for girls and one camp for boys) and is designed to allow campers to interact with other peers more like them. Those who have dealt with the stress, hurt and the uncertainty that foster kids experience.

TGAC provides life-changing experiences for each camper through interaction with adult volunteers who are on staff and have been extensively trained for the sole purpose of encouraging each camper while at camp.

The Challenge Course

Each camper spends a good deal of time on the challenge course with their peers and coaches. Our challenge course is specifically designed to facilitate team building and trust. It is not an agility or strength course. Instead, the challenges offered through the course are ones that facilitate teamwork and the opportunity for each camper to open up and begin to tell their story, should they choose.


TGAC depends on 40+ adult volunteers to staff each camp. None of the volunteers are paid to participate, but freely give of their time to benefit the teens attending camp.

Everyone in their life is paid to take care of them. Knowing that there are 40+ adults that are there just to let the kids know that there are people who care about them, allows them to take a huge step forward in establishing a bond of trust.

And our volunteers keep coming back. With over a 90% rate, the camp experience is just as life changing for volunteers as for campers. They get a chance to experience the value and purpose of FHFTC first hand and want to come back and be a part of it year after year.

If volunteering isn’t for you, a donation is a wonderful way to be a part of TGAC.

How It Works

  1. Apply

    Simply fill out an application, one for each camper, and submit via email, fax or mail.

    Fax: 785.468.3201
    Address: 4122 Living Water Rd. Manhattan, KS 66502

    Download Application

  2. Verification Letter

    FHFTC will send you a verification letter or email confirming your camper's spot along with other details to help campers prepare for camp.

  3. Pack & Prepare

    Check your schedule before camp to make sure campers are packed and ready to attend!

    If you need transportation assistance for your camper, contact social services.

    Download Registration Checklist