Flint Hills Foster Teen Camps want to make this experience as easy and enjoyable as possible– check out some of our most Frequently Asked Questions!

Q: What is the cost for any of the Flint Hills Foster Teen Camps?

A: FHFTC camps are free! Thanks to many generous donors– each teen’s camp experience is covered.

Q: Do the campers need to be in foster care?

A: FHFTC requires that each camper is currently in foster care OR has been in foster care in the past.

Q: Where can I get an application?

A: We make it easy! Click HERE to download the TGAC application or HERE to download the CrossRoads application.

Q: What do the teens do at camp?

A: Camp is all about experience, and we have a lot of fun doing it. Teens have the opportunity to do crafts, archery, swim and of course, EAT. We love to EAT! Our Challenge Course offers a unique experience as well, giving each teen a chance to overcome obstacles and share their stories. The Challenge Course is NOT about strength and agility; it’s about trust and teamwork. Our camp highly revolves around what the Challenge Course can do for each foster teen that comes to camp, and helps them express themselves in a way they may never have before. Did we also mention that we like to eat?

Q: Are any of the FHFTC affiliated with any other organization?

A: No, and we’re pretty proud of that! FHFTC is a local, independent organization that is not tied to any national, government or religious organization. Operating independently gives us the opportunity to keep our dollars in Manhattan and the surrounding community, as well as use donations more effectively and gives way to offering specific needs to each teen we meet.

Q: Do you have Medical staff available?

A: We do have medical staff and a camp therapist at every camp we offer on-site. Our ultimate goals is to ensure all campers are completely safe at camp.

Q: So, how can I help?

A: We’re glad you asked! All FHFTC camps are donation and volunteer driven. If you are interested in volunteering you can call 785-410-2995 to inquire about the process, and see if it is a good fit for you. If you would rather donate monetarily to support a teen at camp, you may give us a call or visit fhftc.org/donate to donate online. We also offer two entertaining fundraising events: Evening of Hope, a benefit and auction in January as well as our annual Shootout benefit held in the Fall. Check out our Fundraising page to learn more about how you can get involved.

We also have the opportunity to partner with the Greater Manhattan Community Foundation. If you have any interest in matching funds or endowment donations, please contact us for more details!