Bullets & Bibles Conference Registration Form

Please fill out this form entirely to register for the 2024 conference. Once submitted, you will be directed to an additional form to complete your payment.

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Pistols and holsters (name/brand/models) that I normally carry and will be bringing to the event.
Types of classes I hope to see at this event.
What I hope to get out of this event.
Please list types of training I have attended previously.
Have you attended Bullets & Bible Conference in the past? If, yes, please outline what year(s) and where you attended.


Please read and check each box. Each certify the following information is accurate.
Skill Levels*
People of all skill levels are welcomed at this event. Where you are in your skills may limit what classes you can take.
There will be MANY classes at this event that do not involve live shooting and many that do. I may not be able to take every class offered due to skill issues, gear issues, time or attendance issues. I understand this.
Both Shooters and Non-Shooters Welcome*
People that don't want to shoot all weekend are welcome. You do not need a gun to attend. If you want to be able to take live fire classes you must be able to safely carry, operate, draw, re-holster, and field strip your pistol. We aren't looking for great marksmanship - we can work on that, we are looking for basic safety and basic operational knowledge so we don't have to stop a class in order to show you how to run your gun. You need to know this beforehand.
Gear Required*
I understand all classes will be blocks of instruction that I can pick and choose from. I will see the gear lists for each class that I wish to attend several weeks before class. I agree to fulfill every requirement for both skill and gear for every class that I attend.
I understand that I will be required to sign different liability waivers upon check-in at the event. I will not be able to participate until these forms are complete and signed. Some classes may have different waivers and requirements. I will abide by the requirements for each class I want to attend.


Please check one box for each section. Thank you.
I understand that during this conference my registration fee includes breakfast and lunch. I can bring additional food/snacks to eat at other times. Dinner each evening is provided at an additional cost. You will need to sign up and pay before the event. If you have dietary concerns or allergies, you will need to provide your own food.
Registration Fee / Donation*
I understand that the registration fee is a donation to Flint Hills Foster Teen Camps, a division of Living Water Ranch, a non-profit organization. As a thank you gift, you have a spot reserved for you for the 2024 Bullets & Bibles Conference. As such, no refunds will be issued regardless of circumstance. We do understand that something unavoidable may come up requiring you to miss the event. This donation is final, whether you can attend the event or not. We appreciate your understanding. By checking this box I acknowledge that my registration is not complete. Final step, please pay the registration fee of $600. You will automatically be directed to the payment screen after submitting this form.